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Nature Reserve "Basegi"

On the western slopes of the Ural Mountains, among the boundless sea of taiga one of picturesque mountain ridges - Basegi is raised. It consists of three separate peaks located in a meridional direction from the north to the south and named, accordingly, Northern (951 m), Middle (994 m) and Southern (851 m) Basegi. The ridge was named from the translated word "baskoi" (beautiful) in Russian language. In 1982 in order to preserve the fir-tree and fir woods of the middle Urals, the reserve Basegi was established. The Basegi ridge is located in its central part. Also there are many small shallow rivers with widths up to 10 metres containing fords and rapids. Upper reaches of these rivers are boggy.
The "Basegi" reserve is an area of untouched Urals nature combining impassable taiga, fenny bogs, meadows and mountains.

In the boggy areas, by the end of a summer the cloudberries and cranberries ripen. In the upper parts of the mountains the tundra zone, covered with mosses and lichens is located.

The fauna of the reserve is characteristic for the coniferous forests of the northern Urals. Flora is abundant and diverse  - 700 types of plants - among them 50 species are endangered. In the rivers, different species of fish are found - perch, pike and grayling, while in the upper reaches of the Usva are taimen.

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