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Throughout the woodlands of the Ural Mountains

Duration  9 days

Program of tour:
1 day

Arrival to the city of Ufa.
Transfer in hotel. Accommodation in a hotel (double standard rooms).
Lunch. Excursion program.
Dinner on your own way.
Spend the night in a hotel (double rooms)
2 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the settlement of Nugush.
Lunch. Accommodation in a guest house. Becoming familiarised with horse equipmentand riding horses inside an enclosure. Dinner. Russian Baths
3 day
Transfer by motor boat across the Nugush reservoir to the place, where the river Nuka flows into the water reservoir. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
Lunch. Swimming.
4 day
Riding to the Ibragimovsky waterfall (or waterfall Kuperlya) and then riding along the ridge Ala-tau.
Visit the waterfall Kuperlya and Carst bridge, a monument of nature. Lunch. Riding to the area of Savka. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
5 day
Free day
Horseback riding in environs of a tent camp. Lunch. Dinner.
6 day
Breakfast Riding along the river Nugush to the area of Kumbalyakly (10 km). Lunch. Dinner. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
7 day
Breakfast Return to the settelement of the Nugush (20 km)
Lunch. Accommodation in a guest house.
8 day
Breakfast. Swimming. Lunch
Transfer to the city Ufa
Accommodation in hotel.  Farewell dinner. Spend the night in hotel (double standard room)
9 day
Breakfast in a hotel.
Transfer to the airport
Departure of tourists.

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