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Journey to the plateau Manpupuner

Manpupuner (Man-Pupu-Niyer, Man-Pupy-Nyor) is a small remoted plateau which is situated in the center of the Ural Mountains, not far from the place where the borders of Sverdlovsk region, Komi Republic, Perm region and Khanty-Mansi autonomic district are crossing...

Season: January - March 2020
The region: Russia, Ural Mountains, Northern Urals
Duration: eight days (five days on snowmobiles in winter Ural Mountains)
The amount of participants: 2 – 15 people

The route of the tour:
1) the city of Ekaterinburg – town Ivdel – village Vizhay – town Ivdel - the city of Ekaterinburg (two nights by the train + by car 2x80 km)
2) village Vizhay - Ushma settlement – Izba Ilycha – Turvat lake – base of geologists – plateau Man-Pupu-Niyer - base of geologists - Turvat lake - Izba Ilycha - Dyatlov Pass – Izba Ilycha - Ushma selttement - village Vizhay (by snowmobiles – 500-550 km)

Preface & location: A snowmobile expedition involves visiting one of the most famous natural sight of central Russia, located on the territory of the Northern Urals, listed in the "Seven Wonders of Russia" and recommended for visiting by tourists. The legendary mountain range of stone idols - plateau Man-Pupu-Ner, this is a unique monument of nature, whose age is more than 200 million years.
It is much more ancient than the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx, much older than the English Stonehenge and the Roman Coliseum.
This is one of the most beautiful natural landmark of the Urals and Russia.
The centuries-old ensemble of the hugest stone pillars - idols standing on the sacred mountain, about which Mansi legends have been composed for centuries. Place of power and energy anomalies. Seven 40-meter rocks on the plateau which are sacred idols for all generations of the Komi and Mansi peoples. Unique and inimitable.
It will be an interesting trip through the Ural northern taiga and mountains on snowmobiles. Sometimes difficult and even extreme. The ultimate goal - sparkling in the sun, covered with sparkling ice and snow - winter Manpupunyor.
Bonus - visiting Dyatlov Pass !!

The standard programme:
1 day - arrival to Ekaterinburg, transfer to hotel, accommodation in hotel, city-tour, transfer to railway station, night train to town Ivdel
2 day - arrival to Ivdel in the morning, transfer to the village Vizhay (80 km), accommodation in the local tourist base, test drive of your snowmobiles.
3 day – early in the morning we’ll begin the trip toward Man-Pupu-Ner plateau. Soon we will pass the settlement of local people Mansi – Ushma, lunch is on the bank of the river Lozva (wooden hut of local hunters - izba Ilycha). Half of way we will ride up by the frozen river Lozva (cliffs, caves and grottos on the banks) and the second half – trough the taiga and frozen swamps, between snowy Ural mountain ridges. In evening - accommodation in the wooden hut of Saybendalov’s family (Mansi) on the big lake Turvat. The distance is about 150 km.
4 day – this is the most saturated day of the trip ! Early in the morning we will continue the journey from the Saybendalov’s family settlement toward the plateau Man-Pupu-Niyer – past the lake Turvat and river Northern Sosva, through the base camp of geologists (gold-miners) in the place named Trekh-rechiye; go up to the mountains - to the monument on the border Europa/Asia and finally we’ll reach the mountain base camp Vologodskaya Gran’ (at the border of Pechoro-Ilych Nature Reserve) and plateau Man-Pupu-Niyer with seven huge rocks (height 30-40 m) which stand separately follow the plateau.. After photo-session and some rest we’ll go back to the base camp of gold-miners. Overnight in the base camp, the bath is possible in the evening ! The distance is about 100 km.
5 day – today we’ll go from the geologists base to the place named Izba Ilycha. On the way – river Northern Sosva, Turvat lake, Saybendalov’s family settlement. Overnight in the wooden hunters hut of Mansi people. The distance is about 150 km.
6 day – early in the morning we’ll go toward to the Kholat Syakhl Mount, - today we’ll visit the legendary Dyatlov Pass ! On the second half of the day we will return down the river Lozva to Ushma settlement. Night in the wooden hut of local people Mansi (acquaintance with culture and history of Mansi people) or in the local tourist base on the lake Elestur (not far from Ushma settlement). The bath is possible in the evening. Distance is about 100 km
7 day - back way to the town Ivdel through the village Vizhay (lunch in Vizhay), night train to Ekaterinburg. Distance by snowmobiles is about 50 km.
8 day - arrival to Ekaterinburg in the morning, transfer to the airport Koltsovo, flight home

The price: 1989 €/per person (riding two up), 2345 €/per person (riding solo)

Please contact us to get the current prices & dates of the tour via email office@welcome-ural.ru 
(the discounts are possible for the pre-gathered groups !)

The price includes:
• Visa support
• Rent of snowmobiles with pulks (fuel included)
• Guide-instructor, interpreter, mechanic
• Full board
• GPS navigator and satellite phone
• Spending the nights in the settlement of the local people Mansi / Elestur lake, Turvat lake, Izba Ilycha, geological base camp and in Vizhay village
• Rent of necessary winter outdoor equipment (tent with oven, winter sleeping bags, mats, multi-fuel torch, petrol generator)*
• Transfer Ekaterinburg - Ivdel - Ekaterinburg (night train)
• Transfer Ivdel - Vizhay - Ivdel (off-road car)
• Accommodation in Ekaterinburg
• Permission for visiting of Pechoro-Ilych Nature Reserve

The price does not include:
• Medical insurance with the provided helicopter evacuation in case of emergency situation*
• Single accommodation
• Alcohol 

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