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Aleksandrovskaya Hill

Mountain Aleksandrovskaya Hill is placed in the western slope of the Ural Ridge (the southern Ural) on the boundary Europe-Asia, where Great Transsib railway crosses the Urals. At the foot of Alekasandrovskaya Hill the small railway station Urzhumka is situated.
Aleksandrovskaya Hill is located between the towns Miass and Zlatoust. It is also named Zhars Hill, since Zhars family had visited this place three times and admired the picturesque view open  from Hill to the Ural Mountains.
In 1825 year Aleksandr I crossed The Ural Mountains through Aleksandrovskaya Hill, where he stopped to admire European and Asian parts of his Empire. In 1837 the cesarevitch Alexander (son of the Imperator Nikolaj I) visited the Hill, and from that time this mountain is named as Aleksandrovskaya Hill.
In the summer of 1904 year the last Russian Imperator Nikolaj II visited this mountain, when he was in Zlatoust  with aim of farewell speech of Nikolaevskogo and Chernoyarskogo infantry regiments before its departure to Russian Japan war.
Aleksandrovskaya Hill is interesting by nature diversity, where dense forest is changed by alpine meadows, and then by stone rivers (kurum rivers), which flows downstream from the upper part of mountain.
You can see wonderful view from the top of Hill: the town Zlatoust and the ridge Taganaj and  the river Ai to the west, the town Miass and the Ilmenskij ridge, on the slopes of which the Ilmenskij mineralogical reserve is situated, to the east.

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