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Solikamsk is the former settlement Sol-Kamskaya. Here was located the first salt-works. During the first centuries, the salt-works and trade with Europe and Asia were the key economic resources of the town, so Babinov’s road (only road linking Europe and Asia) passed through Solikamsk.

Solikamsk is a large industrial and cultural centre of the western Urals - you can see unique examples of stone architecture: Saint-Trinity Cathedral, House of Voevode, Epiphny Church, temple of the Transfiguration and the Cathedral Bell Tower.

Visit the underground museum – the Ust-Borovskij Salt-works (1882-1997), which is the only one in the Kama region. The salt-work’s buildings, made according to old traditions, are perfect examples of industrial architecture.

For historic architecture in Perm province, the city of Solikamsk (current population around 110,000, located near the Kama River some 370 kilometers to the north of Perm, has perhaps the most impressive ensemble. Solikamsk, whose name means "salt on the Kama," was founded in 1430 when the Kalinnikov merchant family (from Vologda, in the Russian north) established a salt works there. To this day the economy of Solikamsk depends heavily on the mining of potassium and related salts.  By the end of the seventeenth century Solikamsk also served as a major transit point not only to Siberia but also to China.


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