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Nizhnii Tagil

The 8th  of October 1722 is considered as the foundation date of Nizhni Tagil, when the first production of pig-iron was received from a factory in the settlement Vyya.  Nizhni Tagil is located on the eastern slopes of the Ural mountains, 20-25 kms east of the border between Europe and Asia at height of 200 m above sea level.
Its territory can be divided into two zones: mountain - forest in the west  and forest-steppe in the east. West of the city the main Ural ridge (the regions watershed) with varying heights stretches from the north to the south. Average height of the mountains is 400-500 metres, and only some tops Mt.Belaya (White 711 m), Starik-Kamen (Old Man Stone 753 m) and Shirokaya (Wide 761 m) are above 700 m. On the higher parts of the mountains are the rocks Ostantsy, which create a unique alpine landscape. East from city the relief gradually flattens and passes into the West-Siberian lowland.
The  river Tagil with numerous tributaries flows into the river Tura.  However, there are no major powerful river systems surrounding the city. It has a lake which stretches for 16 km, with a maximum width of 1.5km and a depth of up to 12 metres.

Nizhni Tagil received city status on August 20th 1919.
Regarding population and economic potential, Nizhni Tagil is included in the first 30 cities of Russia. It takes second place for population in the Sverdlovsk region with a city area of 298 sq. km (0.65 % of the total area of Sverdlovsk). The city extends 28.9 kms from north to south.
The climate sharply continental with severe winters and short summers the temperature ranges from an absolute maximum of +37C down to an absolute minimum of 49C.
It has a population of approximately 400 000 which is divided amongst 96 nationalities.
Nizhnii Tagil produces 7% of Russias pig-iron and 6% of all steel and iron.

The Nizhnij Tagil -ancestral land of the Demidovs - founders of the mining and metallurgical industries  in the Urals. You can visit the famous deposit Mednorudyanskoe. This deposit was discovered in 1813. The major amount of uralian malachite of the 19th century was extracted from here. Right here was discovered a gigantic nest of malachite - which gave 480 ton of ornamental malachite, including a monolith of about 40 ton.
to 1990 was the source of raw materials for metallurgical production in Nizhnij Tagil.

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