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River Yuryuzan

The river Yuryuzan is one of the most beautiful rivers of the southern Urals. It rises from the slopes of Mt. Yamantau (1638 m) and then flows 430 km into the river Ufa. The most beautiful section of the river is between the railway station at Ust-Katav and the village Verkhnyaya Luka (luka   bend of river in Russian language).

Near the station it flows in a narrow valley (width is 30 - 35 m) with high rocky banks, covered with forest. On the banks, rocks with unusual shapes, looking like medieval castles with fortifications, towers and loopholes, give the river a fascinating beauty.
Behind Verkhnyaya Luka the Yuryuzan flows along the right slope of a hilly valley Maloyazskaya (named after the village Maloyaz) where it makes a bend. On the left flat bank spread small villages, meadows and coppices. Further, on the right bank, situated on the slopes of Mt. Yangan-Tau (burnt mountain in Bashkir language), is the famous health resort of the same name.
Behind the village Akhunovo, the river flows across the plateau Ufimskoe (named after the river Ufa), which is covered with forest. Here the Yuryuzan meanders through a very picturesque, virtually uninhabited region with numerous pools and fords. The fir-covered slopes of the rivers narrow valley rise to heights of 120-250 m above the water level. On the banks there are springs with tasty water and therapeutic qualities. In this section of the river, the width reaches 60 - 70 m and small islands appear. Behind the village New Berdyash the river flows more slowly and becomes wider.

Near the settlement Karayur (black steep bank in Bashkir language) the Yuryuzan flows into the dam of Pavlovsks hydroelectric power station (named after the settlement Pavlovka), which is located on the river Ufa. It is possible to leave here by high-speed river craft to the city Ufa, the capital of Bashkiriya.

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