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Mammals of the Southern Altai

Systematic List        Mammals

Northern Serotine Bat

Eptesicus nilssoni

1 watched flying around at Midday and then feeding amongst birch leaves

Red-cheeked Suslik

Spermophilus erythrogenus

Not uncommon in the Zaysan Desert. 3/14

Long-tailed Suslik

Spermophilus undulatus

Locally common, particularly near the bee farm at Kamenka. Max daily count of 17. 6/14

Siberian Chipmunk

Eutamius sibiricus

Quite frequent in wooded areas of the Altai. Max daily count 6. 6/14

Red Squirrel

Sciurus vulgaris

Singles on the Cold Pass, Markakol and at Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi. The local race is almost black all over except for a striking creamy-white underside. 2/14


Lagurus luteus

This strange bundle of grey fur is a tertiary relict species and has few modern-day relatives. Quite common in the Zaysan Desert! 2/14 

Gregory's Vole

Microtus gregoricus

Several seen amid the tundra on the Burkhat Pass

Greater Jerboa

Allactaga major

50+ seen on night walk in Zaysan (IG)

Lesser Jerboa

Allactaga elaphus

At least 1 seen on night walk in Zaysan (IG)


Stelodipus telum

(a small eared jerboa). 2 on night walk in Zaysan(IG)

Grey Marmot

Marmota bibacinia

Heard above Cim Bulak, Almaty. Several seen on the pass above Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi and signs noted elsewhere

Altai Pika


Singles seen in large boulder scree on the Cold Pass and on the Burkhat Pass and heard on several occasions. 4/14

Mountain Hare

Lepus timidus

3 seen on night walk at Markakol (IG) and 2 on night walk at bee farm, Kamenka (IG). 2/14


Gulo gulo

A dead animal found below the Alatay Pass north of Markakol - this had been poached as the skin had been removed


Meles meles

Tracks seen around the Zaysan Camp


Lupus lupus

None seen but tracks seen at Zaysan camp and dung seen elsewhere


Vulpes vulpes

1 superb looking animal seen on the Burkhat Pass - a mixture of reds and greys!

Brown Bear

Ursos arctos

Tracks from two bears seen 1 km from the village at Markakol

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