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Speleological excursions

Visit the cave Kueshta
Duration 1 day

It is the largest cave among gypsum caves of Bashkiria with a length of about 500 metres. The main gallery connects four halls.
Caves entrance and caves exit are located in opposite slopes of mountain Kueshta.

Visit the cave Carlamanskaya
Duration 1 day
The surprising world was created by nature in one of the largest gypsum caves of Bashkiria. The cave has two entrances, and takes the form of a large horizontal channel, formed by a tributary of the river Belaya. The walls of the cave are richly adorned with gypsum deposits. Length of a cave is about 200 m.
There are small grottoes, caverns and arches in cliffs all around the cave. Due to weathering of gypsum rocks interesting sculptures were formed.

Visit a water-fall Kuk-Karauk and the Salavatskaya cave
Duration 1 day

The water-fall Kuk-Karauk is located in picturesque area of Bashliriya (the Ishimbay district). The 20 m cascade water-fall is especially beautiful in the spring. Near the waterfall the cave of Salavat Yulaev, who was the national hero of Bashkir people, is located He took part in the country revolt, fighting against the Russian Empire under the leadership of Emelian Pugachev in 17th century. 
Lunch is included.

Visit the Stone Gate
Duration 1 day

The Stone Gate is situated on the left bank of the river Aj, 2 km from the village Lakly.
It is the karst bridge, a grandiose magnificent construction.
You will have a walk along the tourist path, among karst craters. We will pass through this wonderful sight of Nature and reach the top of a cliff with the beautiful panoramic view of the valley of the river Aj. The river Ai flows between high, forest covered, abrupt mountains, and sometimes -vertical walls. Its banks are decorated with whimsical calcareous rocks as towers, fortifications, and columns.
Near the Stone Gate the unique cave Laklinskaya is situated. Among the caves, situated in the territory of Bashkiriya, the cave Laklynskaya is one of the largest (height of the main hall is approximately 20 m and a width of 50 m) with a length of about 320 metres. Its entrance is situated 40 metres above the river Lakly a tributary of the river Ai. When the temperature outside is +30 OC, in the cave it will be about 0OC. Even at the caves entrance the ice doesn't usually melt. It is famous for its unique calcite formations in the form of a bowl or an ornamental ball. The slopes of the mountain, where the cave is situated, are covered with wild cherries.

Visit to the unique Sikiyaz-Tamak cave complex
Duration - 1 day

This cave complex is situated on the right bank of the river Ai on the mountain slopes.
This amazing complex includes 43 caves of different shapes and sizes - among them caves, grottos, cliff awnings, karst arcs and bridges, as well as many other types. The largest being the Tanchevalnyi grotto (Dancing grotto) and the Caminnaya, Vestibule and Scvoznaya (Through passage) caves.
The complex was discovered in August 1995 by two archaeologists (S. Baranov and V. Yurin).
A joint archaeological expedition has started work on this historic site, and has already made a number of sensational discoveries. Signs of life of primitive man and remains of extinct animals have been found in 15 of the caves. During the archaeological excavations, cultural layers from different pre-historic periods were found, ranging from the early Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age to the early Iron Age and the Middle Ages. Tools, household items, weapons and jewellery, pottery fragments and thousands of bones from different animals, including mammoths, were found. In the innermost grotto of the Sisoev cave, the scientists discovered an underground temple, with remnants of cave bears, and a shrine where early inhabitants of the Urals worshiped unknown gods.
You can see all these discoveries, watch the archaeologists at work, and even take part in the excavations if you wish.

Visit the Serpievskii Cave Complex and the Ignatievskaya cave
Duration - 1 day

The Serpiveskii Cave Complex situated in the valley of the river Sim, close to the village Serpievka in the Katav-Ivanovsk district, this City of Caves stretches for 15 km along both sides of the upper reaches of the river Sim. Almost all forms of karst topography are found here, including vertical, horizontal and labyrinth caves, arches, niches, awnings and caverns, craters, underground rivers, lakes and springs. Together they form a unique example of karst topography. In many caves, sights of primitive human habitations and remains of extinct animals have been found.
Besides we will visit a unique cultural-historical and archaeological monument of the southern Urals Ignatievskaya cave.
The first mention of the cave was made by the founder of the study of local lore in the southern Urals, the professor of the St.-Petersburg Academy of sciences, Petr Rychkov, in his book Topography of the Orenburg district, written in 1755. Almost two hundred years later, the rock paintings, which are about 14 thousand years old were found. These paintings (12 groups) are represented by the figures of primitive men, animals, during various stages of hunting. In recent years Ignatievskaya cave with its rock paintings became the most visited object among the caves of this area.

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