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Winter Holidays in the Northern Ural

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If you want to know what the real Russian winter is, this skiing tour will be interesting for you.
It is unforgettable feeling to wake up in winter taiga, being surrounded silent mountains, and drink hot coffee near the campfire. 
The best time for travelling - the middle of February - the end of March
Enjoy Russian winter taiga and Ural Mountains.

Duration – 8 days

Program of tour:
1 day
Arrival in Ekaterinburg.
When you arrive in our city we will pick you up in the railway station or airport “Koltsovo”.
Accommodation in a hotel. Lunch
Excursion program in the historical center of the city.
This excursion presents you the capital of the Urals in all its beauty. On this tour you will have excellent views over the City Pond, Prospect Lenina, the Hill of Ascension and its ancient church founded in 1792. You will visit the main "historical sites" of Ekaterinburg and see the birth-place of the town - the Historic Square, the Dam, monument of founders of the city - Tatischev and Gennin, Peter's Court, the Church of Blood at the Romanov Death Site, the Chapel of St.Elizabeth, the Square of the Soviet Army, the Square of the 1905 Revolution.
Getting special equipment for traavel.
2 day
Breakfast in a hotel.
Visit complex “Ganina’s Pit”.
For the whole world, Ekaterinburg is the location where the last Russian Emperor Nickolay II and his family, savagely lost their lives. This tour shows you the most dramatic period of Russian history, the time of the Revolution. The czar's family was executed in the basement of Ipatiev house on the night 16-17th of July in 1918. Just after the well-known midnight tragedy the corpses were transported out of the city and put in an open mine (about 10 meters deep), called Ganina's pit. Hand grenades were thrown down the mine shaft by their executioners. Russian Orthodox Church insists on the version, that the bodies were taken out of the mine, dissected and burnt into ash. There is the monastery there founded in 2000 after the visit of Patriarch Alexij II - the Head of Russian Orthodox Church. The church in the Names of Saint Newly Martyrs and five wooden churches have been built in honour of different Russian Saints on the place where the remains of the Romanov’s were burnt. The churches were built with the local timber without the aid of any nails.
Lunch will be prepared on fair.
Ski walk near the cliffs “Devil’s town”.
Return to Ekaterinburg
After dinner you will be transferred to the railway station to begin the journey.
Departure to the railroad station Vorontsovka (the town Krasnoturiinsk)  in the evening.
It takes only 10 hours to get to the town Krasnoturiinsk, situated in the foothills of the Northern Ural.  Your way will be along the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains towards the northern part of the Sverdlovsk district.

Here you can read about trains in Russia, service and types of carriages.

3 day
Breakfast in the carriage.
Your train arrives in the morning in Krasnoturiinsk.  From this town we continue our journey to the town Karpinsk and then to the starting point of the tour by a car.
Start of skiing.
Ski travel along the river Serebryanka (“Silver river”) - 15 km.
On the route our guides offer you lunch and hot tea or coffee. It is really enjoyable to drink hot tea in the winter taiga.
Accommodation in camp (a special tent with a stove).
Dinner, prepared on camp fire.
Spend the night in the tent in sleeping bags.
4 day
Breakfast, prepared on campfire.
Climbing mountain Serebryanskij Kamien (“the Silver Stone”) – 6 km.
Lunch on the top of Mountain.
From the top of Serebryanskij Kamien the really wonderful panoramic view towards the highest mountains of Sverdlovsk regions opens for you.
Dinner, prepared on campfire.
Spend the night in the tent in sleeping bags.
5 day
Breakfast, prepared on campfire.
Travers along the ridge between Serebryanskij Stone and Konzhkovskij Stone (the highest top of the Sverdlovsk district) - 10-15 km. On the route – lunch will be prepared our guides.
Return to the base camp.
Dinner, prepared on campfire.
Spend the night in the tent in sleeping bags.
6 day
Breakfast, prepared on campfire.
Skiing down to the road, where we will be picked up by a car.
Lunch, prepared on campfire – on the route.
Transfer to the town Krasnoturiinsk and the railway station. Departure by train to Ekaterinburg.
Dinner in a carriage 
7 day
Early arrival in Ekaterinburg.
Accommodation in a hotel. Breakfast.
Visit the obelisk “Europe-Asia”.
The Ural Mountains are regarded as the border between Europe and Asia. To the west of the Urals lies European Russia, the cradle of the Russian culture. To the east lies the vast land of Siberia. You will visit the obelisk between Europe and Asia. It is one of the most famous and frequently visited places of the Ural region. You can put one foot in Europe and another one in Asia and take some unique photographs. When locals have a wedding they always visit the obelisk to take some photos and to drink some champagne with friends.
You will visit also the memorial complex, which was set up in 1995 in honour of the victims of Stalin's repression.
Return to the Ekaterinburg
Visit the Ural Mineralogical Museum. This - the first private Russian mineralogical museum was founded in the year 2000. In the museum is a unique collection of minerals (about 10 thousand samples) and handicrafts from stone and bone. 
Free time. 
Farewell dinner.
Spend the night in a hotel.
8 day
Breakfast in a hotel
Transfer to the airport.
Departure of tourists.

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