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Dog Sledding Vacations


This is one of our most unusual and exciting tours !
The preferable period for touring with the dog teams extends from November until March, with the optimum touring time occurring between the months of December to March.
All of the dog team trips are done under the close supervision of Pavel Smolin. Pavel, a top guide, is a very experienced dog team driver, and has been a participant in many sporting and scientific expeditions to the far northern areas of Russia.  He has been awarded two certificates from the famous Guinness Book of Records for climbing the, “Peak of Communism”, the highest point in the Pamirs at 7,495 meters, ( 24,590 feet ). The second record was set on Mt. Elbrus, the highest point in the Caucus Mountains, and the highest point in Europe at 5,621 meters. ( 18,840 feet ). This was accomplished, for the most part, with the use of dog teams.
Pavel is an easygoing and sociable person, and he enjoys taking people to his many special points of interest in the Ural Mountains. The first dog team nursery in the Urals is under his care, and you will see that this man has the special knowledge and bonding with his dogs that makes them some of the very best in the world.
At the end of your travel we invite you to spend the evening at his place watching several video-films and looking through the photos from different expeditions. It will be a time for you to remember with fondness for years to come.
We organize several kinds of tours, including:

Daytrips in the vicinity of Ekaterinburg:
If your stay in Ekatrinburg will only be for a day or two, such as is common for the travelers on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, we can provide amazing daytrips of 3-8 hours via Siberian Husky through the magnificent coniferous forests near Ekaterinburg.
It is not difficult to acquire the talent to drive a sledge, and your instructor will teach you all of the necessary skills before you begin your adventure to the fantastic scenery in this area.  Don’t forget your camera!
One of the destinations is Lake Peschanoe, ( Sand Lake ) and also to the picturesque rocks of Chertovo Gorodische. ( Devil Town )  From the highest elevation of Devil Town at 343 meters, the views are breathtaking as you view the incomparable beauty of the forests and lakes of the Urals.
Each group will be accompanied by a special vehicle that is designed to cope with the rigors of this winter journey.
This tour will encompass approximately 7-10 km. ( 4 - 6 miles ) and all trekkers will be provided with “malitsa” if necessary.  Malitsa is the traditional winter weather clothing of the people from the northern Urals, and is worn as an over-garment to protect a person from the cold weather that the region is known for.
Lunch is included, and will be prepared on the trail, over an open campfire.
Europe / Asia border visit is included ! The monastery known as “Ganina Yama” is close and can be reached in approximately one hour if you desire to visit it.
The optimum group size for this tour is two - four persons (five is maximum).
This trip is not too elaborate to schedule, so it is possible to arrange accommodations with only 3 - 5 days of advance notice.

Winter Tours Along the River Chusovaya
The best time for travel: 15.01 – 30.03 
Duration: 1-10 days
This tour takes place in a very remote, pristine, and sparsely populated area. Only the rare fisherman will be met here.
The dog teams will pull your sled over the river ice at the rate of 10 – 15 km per day. ( 6 – 9 miles ) The river meanders, and the landscape is delightfully varied. Camping will be done in special tent camps designed to be used in the Russian winter. The tents are heated with tent stoves, and your meals will be prepared on a campfire.
If it is necessary, these groups can be accompanied by 1 or 2 snowmobiles.
The optimum group size for this tour is four persons.
This trip is not too elaborate to schedule, so it is possible to arrange accommodations with only one week of advance notice.
In the summer months, we also organize 10 day rafting trips on the river Chusovaya. A comprehensive description of that expedition is provided here.

Travel Via Dog Teams On Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on this planet, unique by its nature. And it’s fauna are more diversified than most of the fresh water lakes known to man. This pristine lake contains approximately 1/5 of the fresh water on the entire planet, and is so pure that it is potable! The ice in winter is so clear that it resembles glass! This lake freezes so hard that it is used as a winter highway.
Lake Baikal is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, and as a consequence the wintertime temperatures can exceed –50C !  ( -58 F ) 
Special physical conditioning is not necessary for this particular expedition, but a strong measure of mental strength and the will to succeed are very valuable assets in this journey.
The journey will entail approximately 30 – 40 km per day. (18.5 – 25 miles), and the average speed of the dog teams is about 10 kph.  During the trek, you will have several days to rest at various tourist camp sites that are located along the banks of picturesque Lake Baikal.
All tourists will be provided with “malitsa” if necessary. This is the traditional winter weather clothing of the people from the northern Urals, and it is worn as an over-garment to protect a person from the cold weather. In addition,  “valenki” (traditional Russian felt footwear for winter) and “varezhki” (mittens) will be provided to protect our guests from the inclement weather of this region.
The optimum group size for this tour is four persons.
Transport escort – automobile UAZ (4WD Russian cross-country minibus).
This tour requires extensive preparations, so it is advised that booking reservations be made well in advance of the desired departure date.

Winter expeditions in the Ural Mountains

These expeditions are designed and recommended for the extreme adventurers!  These treks are custom designed for each person, and usually last from 10 – 14 days. You will journey far from the hustle and bustle of civilization into the wildest and most remote regions of the Ural Mountains. This is EXTREME ADVENTURING  at it’s very best!
Each group will be accompanied by 2 or 3 snowmobiles, and you will spend your nights in the special tent camps that are designed for such winter use and heated with tent stoves.  Hot meals will be prepared over a campfire.
This particular expedition requires extensive planning and preparation, so it is strongly recommended that all reservations be made well in advance of the desired departure date.
Please write us at our e-mail: office@welcome-ural.ru to receive the particulars of each expedition and the availability of scheduling reservations.

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