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Special offer 1

The dates: Coming soon..
Start point: Irbit
Finish point: Ekaterinburg
Duration: 8 day vacation; 5 riding days
Tour route: Total distance 570 km, Daily rides 40-180 km, Asphalt with gravel + off roads (free ridings).
Accommodation: Typical regional middle class hotels and tent camps.
Special features: Russian Ural sidecar motorcycles, visiting the "birthplace" of Urals - Irbit Motorcycle Plant and the motorcycle museum in the town Irbit. Motorcycles-Show in the city of Ekaterinburg - the third largest city in Russia. Visit of international exhibition: “Russian Defence Expo” or "Russian Expo Arms".

Price of tour (Rubles/per person):

twin, duo

twin, solo



twin = twin or double room,
duo = riding two up, solo = riding solo

Included in the Price: Rental-fee for motorcycles, fuel for bikes, overnight-stays in the hotels - according to program, meals during the tour - according to program, entrees to the museums and exhibitions, tents, sleeping-bags and mats, camping equipment, support-vehicle including service-crew.
Not included: Flight, travel insurance (optional), Care Deposit, alcohol drinks.

Please take into account that you place a sum of 1000 Euros upon Care Deposit. This deposit will not be refundable if the motorbike is broken due to the fault of you. The sum of money is intended to cover all expenses on motorbike’s repairs. You’ll get the deposit back after the end of the tour, if nothing wrong happens with your motorbike.

The Short Uralian Circle (special offer 1) in detail:





Additional information


Arrival in the city of Ekaterinburg

Transfer to the hotel from airport/railway station. Accommodation in the hotel.
Excursion program in historical center of the city*.
Free time. Lunch & Dinner – free.


* If you arrive in evening we will organize the excursion next morning.


The city of Ekaterinburg – the town Irbit

Breakfast in café.
Transfer to the town Irbit by minibus. On the way: the towns Rezh, Artemovsky.
Accommodation in the hotel. Lunch in café.
Excursion in the Irbit Motorcycles Plant, museum of motorcycles.
Free time.
Dinner in café.



During the excursion you will get acquainted with process of assembly and models of Russian sidecar motorcycles.

Test-drive on motordrome or in the suburb of the town.


The town Irbit – the settlement Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha

Breakfast in cafe.
Ride toward the settlement Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha.
On the way – typical Uralian villages along the valley of river Nitsa. Lunch – in any place (hand made).
Accommodation in tent camp on the bank of the river Nitsa in environs of the settlement Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha.
Spend the night in double tents (sleeping bags).
Dinner – hand made.


Asfalt, gravel roads.

Free riding in the evening.


The settlement Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha – the town Nizhnii Tagil

Breakfast in the tent camp (hand made).
Excursion to the museum.
Ride toward the town Nizhnii Tagil. On the way: a lot of typical Russian villages, Siberian’s landscapes*.
Lunch – in any place (hand made).
Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner in café.


Asfalt, gravel roads.

* It’s possible to visit the old mineralogical museum in the settlement Murzinka.

Free riding in the evening.


The town Nizhnii Tagil – the city of Ekaterinburg – the airport Aramil

Early breakfast in hotel.
Visit of international exhibition: “Russian Defence Expo - 2010” (near the town Nizhnii Tagil)*.
Ride toward the city of Ekaterinburg.
Lunch and short excursion in the town Neviyansk.
Ride toward the airport Aramil – place of Ekaterinburg’s Motorcycles-Show.
Arrival to the airport Aramil in the evening.
Accommodation in tent camp in the motorcycles-show’s place. Taking part in the evening Motorcycle-Show.
Free time. Resting. Dinner in the tent camp.
Spend the night in double tents (sleeping bags).


Asfalt, gravel roads.

* This exhibition will take place in one of the largest Russian demonstration complexes. You'll see all opportunities and power of modern Russian and foreign military technics. Also there will be possible to see a lot of Russian modern civil technics.


The airport Aramil

Fifth Anniversary Motorcycle-Show*.
Taking part in traditional common-tour through the city of Ekaterinburg of all the participants of the show.
Free time. Mega-Show in the evening !
Breakfast, lunch and dinner – in the tent camp (hand made).
Spend the night in double tents (sleeping bags).


Yourself riding in the suburb of the town Aramil.

  Road: gravel roads, asphalt.
* There are thousands of Russian bikers who  participate and celebrate a really unique festival ! Particularly interesting - upgraded and hand-made motorcycles which can be seen on this show.


The town Aramil – the city of Ekaterinburg

Breakfast in the camp.
Ride around the city of Ekaterinburg*
Lunch – in cafe.
Accommodation in the hotel.
Free time.
Farewell dinner.

40 (60)

* In dependents on the weather it will be possible to ride to the “Talc stone” in vicinityes of the town Sysert or visit the open mine near settlement Shabry.

Roads: gravel roads, asphalt.


Departure of tourists

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport Koltsovo.
Return home.


Total = 530-570 km

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that although we will do our best to adhere to this itinerary occasionally events out of our control may prevent us from following the exact schedule. Please be assured that the clients' best interests will be foremost in any changes that may occur. A degree of flexibility is essential in travelling on such holidays!

Note: minimal amount of participants of this tour – two person.
To check availability of this tour please visit the tour schedule page. Please send us your inquiries for a complete setting of the group if this tour is available - write us or just click here.

Photos of Fifth Anniversary Motorcycles-Show in the city of Ekaterinburg (2008 year):  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
Photos of Motorcycles-Show in the city of Ekaterinburg (2009 year): Part 1

Video of the Ural sidecar motorcycles in action

Special offer 2 (visit of Irbit's motorcycles show) (25.07 - 02.08.2019) - is available now !

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URAL how to RIDE

To learn out how to ride the Classic Ural Motorcycle (the manual kindly provided by IMZ-URAL)

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