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Over the city Ekaterinburg

Have you ever floated in the sky in a hot-air-balloon? If you have, you remember this for sure; if you haven't, just imagine: the gas-jet of the aerostat spits out a blast of fire with a dragon-like sound, and the colourful cupola above your head is graciously lifting you up into the sky, and the earth slowly goes away, releasing you from its worldly burdens. You feel the air caressing you, and the infinite sky and transient clouds are welcoming you into their world. Fabulous scenery opens around of you: bright green hills and sparkling curves of rivers, blossoming meadows and tops of pine trees, labyrinths of threads of roads and old churches with golden domes resembling inverted hot-air-balloons…

Flight of a hot-air-balloon which simply name "balloon" depends on force of a wind and other weather factors. All the flights occur only early in the morning or late at night - during the most silent time of day.

– all year round
Flight region - around the city of Ekaterinburg (up to 50 km).
Place of take - in the central part or in the eastern part of the city.
Place of landing - in the vicinities of Ekaterinburg in dependence on wind direction.
Flight duration – till 1, 5 hours.
Duration of the trip – up to 3,5 hours.
Maximum passengers uplift - three people.
Reasons for flight cancellation: rain, snow, high wind (more than 7 m/sec). Interdiction of Flight Management Office

The price
 (per person) of the free flight over the city of Ekaterinburg

Amount of passengers




The price, in EUR




Price includes - all transfers, pilot's service, fuel
Optional - Accident insurance
Bonus – light lunch and photo CD with bird-eye’s views of Ekaterinburg.


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