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Dog Sledding Expedition to Dyatlov Pass !



Dyatlov Pass is a mountain pass in the Northern Urals between Kholat Syakhl Mount and the nameless height 905. Here in 1959, a group of nine students from Ural Polytechnical University (Russia), led by Igor Dyatlov, died under unexplained circumstances. This mystery has not been unraveled for six decades. The tragedy which happened in the north of the Urals still excites the minds of scientists, researchers and travelers…

Season: February - March

The region: Russia, the Northern Ural Mountains
Duration: eight days (five days dog sledding in winter mountains)
The amount of participants: 4-8 people (6 dogs per sled)

1) Ekaterinburg – Ivdel – Vizhay village – Ivdel - Ekaterinburg (two nights by the train + by car 2x80 km)
2) Vizhay village- Ushma settlement – Izba Ilycha- Dyatlov Pass – Izba Ilycha - Ushma selttement - village Vizhay (by dog sleds - 250 km)

Preface: In 1959, nine students, who were experienced tourists, went on a winter ski trip. No one came back. All died in one night. The investigation was finished without finding out the real cause of the group death: "The elemental force, which the tourists were unable to overcome". There are lots of versions, hypotheses and assumptions about this tragedy.

For further information:
Discovery Channel Show - Expedition Unknown
One of the recent documentaries - An Unknown Compelling Force

1079: The overwhelming force of Dyatlov Pass
Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident
FULL INFORMATION ONLINE: www.dyatlovpass.com

Location: The huge territory of the Northern Urals is one of the most remote and inaccessible areas of Russia. It is the land of dense forests, there are no settlements and roads to the north of the town of Ivdel and the villages of Vizhay and Burmantovo. Only old Mansi hunting huts in the middle of the taiga and swamps impassible in summer.

The standard programme:
1 day - arrival to Ekaterinburg, transfer from the airport to a local 3* hotel, accommodation in a hotel, city-tour, transfer to the railway station, night train to the town of Ivdel
2 day - arrival to Ivdel in the morning, transfer to Vizhay village (80 km), accommodation in a local tourist base, safety instructions, test rides with your dog sleds.
3 day - dog sledding to Ushma settlement (the place where the native peoples of Mansi live). Accommodation in Mansi wooden huts (guest houses). The route runs upstream the river Lozva, the distance is about 50 km. (Bath* is possible in evening)
4 day – we will continue our dog sledding journey through the winter taiga forest upstream the river Lozva (cliffs, caves and grottos on the banks) to the place named Izba Ilycha (lunch on the ice of river Lozva). In the evening - accommodation in the wooden hunter hut (Izba Ilycha) on the bank of the river Lozva. The distance is about 40 km. (Bath* is possible in evening)
5 day – it will be the most exciting day of the expedition ! Early in the morning we go up the slope with our dog sleds and reach Dyatlov Pass by midday. After a short rest and hot lunch close to the pass (in special winter portable tent which will be set in advance by our guides who will reach the spot half an hour before the dog sleds by snowmobiles), we’ll go up to the ridge for photo-session. In the second half of the day we’ll return to Izba Ilycha spot. Overnight in Izba Ilycha wooden hut. The distance is about 50 km. (Bath* is possible in evening)
6 day – we will return to Ushma settlement. Night in the wooden hut of local people Mansi (getting acquainted with culture and history of Mansi people) or in the local tourist base (not far from Ushma settlement). Distance is about 40 (50) km. (Bath* is possible in evening)
7 day - way back to the town of Ivdel with a stop for lunch in Vizhay village, night train to Ekaterinburg. Distance by dog sleds is about 50 km.
8 day - arrival to Ekaterinburg in the morning, accommodation in a hotel, PCR testing*, transfer to Koltsovo airport, flight back home

The price: 1989 €/per person

The price includes:
• Visa support
• Sleds with 6 dogs
• Snowmobile support with pulks for transportation all of equipment (fuel included)
• Guide-musher, guide-mechanic, interpreter
• Full board in the fields
• GPS navigator and satellite phone
• Accommodation in tourist bases and wooden huts of local Mansi people

• Winter outdoor equipment rental  (tent with oven, winter sleeping bags, mats, multi-fuel torch, petrol generator)*
• Transfer Ekaterinburg - Ivdel - Ekaterinburg (night train)
• Transfer Ivdel - Vizhay - Ivdel (off-road car)
• Accommodation in Ekaterinburg (2 nights)

The price does not include:
• Medical insurance with the provided helicopter evacuation in case of emergency situation*
• Single accommodation
• Baths
• Alcohol

• PCR-testing

Discounts are possible if you gather your own group ! 

We provide warm and comfortable outfits to mush a sled or relax as a passenger. Our guides are professional mushers, they will teach you the dog sledding basics, your next step will be learning by doing.
There will be two people per sled. They can switch so that everyone on board has the chance to practice.
Our dogs will bring you on an adventure you might not have experienced earlier. The landscapes in the Northern Urals are stunning and the place you are going to visit is world-famous.
Your expedition will be supported by our guides on snowmobiles. Your safety is our priority so all the groups are registered in EMERCOM of Russia (The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters).

Planned dates in 2022:
25.02 - 05.03
10.03 – 17.03

Other dates are possible on request !

Please contact us for further details via email office@welcome-ural.ru or WhatsApp +79527390736

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