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The main feature of the city is that it is situated on the boundary of Europe and Asia. Zlatoust has scenically spread along the slopes of the river Urenga, going down into the valley of the river Ai, climbing up the steep slopes. 

If you visit the city Zlatoust, we are glad to offer you some excursions in Zlatoust and its environs. All of these programmes start in Zlatoust.
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Zlatoust - The city of the winged steed is how they often refer to the third city (by size and industrial power) in the Chelyabinsk region there is a winged steed on the citys emblem. At the beginning of the last century legendary Ivan-Krilatko from Bazgovs tale worked here, as well as the talented steel-cutter I.N.Bushuev. The winged steed, which has stepped onto the citys emblem was made from Bushuevs blade a mark of respect to the labour of the masters who glorified the city with Russian damask steel and decorated weapons a symbol of our contemporary Urals creative work. 

In 1815, a factory of cold steel was inaugurated. In the beginning, German masters from Zolingen and Klingental were the experts of making and decorating blades but soon, Russian apprentices excelled their preceptors. Nowadays their creations are included in the treasury of Russian decorative-applied arts and are kept in the Hermitage, Armory and in many other world museums. A collection of decorated weapons is also on display in Zlatousts Museum of Regional Studies. 

There are many famous names, connected with Zlatoust - over 30 years ago an outstanding scientist, P.P.Anosov, the father of Russian damask steel lived here and a famous military leader, the marshal, B.M.Shaposhnikov originally came from Zlatoust.  The ex World Chess Champion, Anatoly Karpov and multiple World and Olympic Skating Champion Lydia Skoblikova both call Zlatoust home.

The nature park Taganai is located near Zlatoust.

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