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Mountain Iremel

Iremel is one of the highest and most beautiful mountains of the southern Urals, which Bashkirs considered earlier as a sacred mountain. It is located near the upper reaches of the river Belaya (Agidel in Bashkir language).

Mount Iremel has two peaks - Big Iremel (1582 metres) and Small Iremel (about 1400 metres). According to the old Indo-Iranian book Avesta, Mt. Iremel had the same importance as Mt. Olympus in ancient Greece. According to legends, Zaratustra reserved secret knowledge of humanity on the golden mountain Iremel. Trekking to the upper part of the mountain, we traverse different natural zones - deciduous forest, forest-tundra, coniferous forests and mountain zones.

Here you can feel the fragrance of forest herbs - from the base of one of these, the famous Bashkir balsams are manufactured.  You can swim in the water of life - a mountain spring, and if you are lucky you can find the gold root, which is an analogue of the famous ginseng.

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